I have finally taken the plunge and moved my blog to Wordpress on my own website.  I had intended doing this many months ago but work kept getting in the way.

The straw that broke the proverbial camel's back occurred yesterday when I wanted to change the theme of my blog to a more modern looking theme.  I followed Blogger's recommendations and exported all my posts and data to my desktop.  However it turns out that Blogger does not handle switching themes very well when you have a number of custom widgets.  Given that I was going to have to spend significant time fixing up things after a simple theme change, I decided that that time would be better spent switching to WordPress.

The URL for my blog is blog.fpmurphy.com.

It is a work in process at present  I have imported most posts from Blogger and will do the minor cleanup required as a result of this import starting at the newest post and working back to the oldest post.

I will continue to post a copy of my blog posts here because search engines seem to index this location more than my website.


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