Grady Booch Podcasts

To anybody who has received formal software enginnering training, the name Grady Booch is instantly recognizable for his work and influence on software architecture, software engineering, and modeling.

He was an early advocate of formal software engineering, object orientated design and what we know today as software patterns.  The Booch Method, which he detailed in his book Object Oriented Analysis and Design is an object modeling language and software development methodology that was widely used in object-oriented analysis.  Along with with Ivar Jacobson and James Rumbaugh, he co-developed version 1.0 of the Unified Modeling Language.

Unless you are a member of the IEEE Computer Society, you are probably unaware the he recently recorded his On Architecture columns from IEEE Software as podcasts which are available for free download here .

So far there are 7 podcasts online; the latest being "The Irrelevance of Architecture."  I don't know how long they will be available for downloading but this is your chance to hear one of the greats talk about software architecture and development methodology.


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